Born in Paris, France, 1975. He worked in Madrid for the last decade, then in Beijing for four years and now lives in southern France.

Flâneur, stubborn walker and chronic observer, for years Eltono has used public space as support, studio and inspiration source. His sensitivity to what is happening around him and his knowledge of the nature of the street – its whims and its unpredictability – are his main tools when generating works.


He has worked in the street of more than ninety cities and has shown his works in many world-renowned galleries and museums, including the Tate Modern, the Somerset House, Fundacion Miro and Artium Museum, and now the artist returns to Seville to do his second solo exhibition at the Andalusian capital. Over the last twelve years, the development of Eltono’s work in galleries has focused on finding solutions to address the problems of showing public art in private indoor spaces.

The artist understands his entry into the art world as an opportunity to connect with the street and create a relationship that enriches both sides.


In almost all his work for galleries and in private spaces it has been a priority for him to build some kind of bridge between the interior and exterior. His modus operandi is virtually scientific: Imagine a protocol, decide the rules, execute them and observe the results.


2019: Fault Lines, Galería Slika, Lyon, Francia
2018: Funambúls, Casal Solleric, Palma de Mallorca, España
2017: Anomalías, SET Espai d’ART, Valencia, España
2017: Crossroad #3, galería Doppelgaenger, Bari, Italia
2016: Fluctuación, galería Antonia Puyó, Zaragoza, España
2015: Lugares Comunes, Set Espai d’Art, Valencia, España
2015: Aléas, Delimbo, Sevilla, España
2015: Incontrôlables, Instituto Cervantes de París, París, Francia
2014: Varianti, Ritmo, Catania, Italia
2014: Amalgama, Slowtrack, Madrid, España

2012: Deambular, Museo Artium, Vitoria, España
2012: 1/1, C-Space gallery, Caochangdi, Pekín, China
2012: Duotone, OZ, Amsterdam, Países Bajos
2011: Eredu, SC Gallery, Bilbao, España
2010: Retícula, Galería Delimbo, Sevilla, España
2009: Residencia Tampiquito, Monterrey, México
2009: Coriandoli, Cripta747, Turín, Italia
2009: Pubblico, ROJO®artspace, Milán, Italia
2008: PLAF – Autonomous Mechanisms, Nueva York, EE.UU.
2008: Bermellón, ROJO®artspace, Barcelona, España
2008: Astillas, La Culpable, Lima, Perú
2008: Montagens, Galeria Adesivo, Porto Alegre, Brasil
2008: Petits collages, Rojo Art Space, Rosário, Argentina
2007: Invertidos, Rojo Art Space, São Paulo, Brasil
2007: Eltono at ART, Monterrey, México
2006: Eigenkunstruktion, Artitude, Berlín, Alemania
2006: (x, y, z), Vacío9, Madrid, España
2002: Complémentaires, Vacío 9, Madrid, España

2017: Ello’s 2017 Creative Excellence Award, 1er premio, EE.UU.
2017: premio académico “MAIF appel à projet 2017” para el proyecto “
À géométrie variable”, Besançon, Francia
2017: premio adquisición DKV, Abierto Valencia, España

03/2019: FRAC Centre Val de Loire, Orléans, Francia
02/2018: Urvanity Art Fair, Madrid, España
09/2017: conferencia en el instituto francés de Valencia, España.
05/2016: conferencia en el Museo del Hermitage en San Petersburgo,
invitado por el instituto francés de San Petersburgo, Rusia.
06/2015: conferencia para la exposición «Incontrôlables» con Juan Manuel Bonet en el instituto Cervantes de París, Francia
01/2015: conferencia para la exposición «Mapping the City»,
Somerset House, Londres, Reino-Unido
11/2014: conferencia «Art contemporain / Art pariétal» en binomio con Jean Michel Geneste, Polo Internacional de la Prehistoria, Les Eyzies, Francia
06/2014: conferencia para la MNACEP en el marco del festival Bien Urbain, FRAC de Franche Compté, Besançon, Francia
05/2012: conferencia para la exposición «Caballo Caballo Tigre Tigre» en el instituto Cervantes de Pekín, China
02/2010: conferencia para la exposición «Murals» en la fundación Miró,
Barcelona, España.