Netherlands, 1976

Jeroen Erosie's practice originates from the fluidity and restless process of graffiti lettering. This discipline - where lines, letters and shapes evolve gradually and almost imperceptibly towards unpredictable results - has been such at the core of his production it leaves a unique mark on all of his practice. His canvases, drawings and collages appear like a paused instant in a restless dynamic, a continuous morphing and superimposition of shapes, lines and textures.


Jeroen Erosie's work reflects a poetic journey of rounded forms and geometric lines, a language that channels the natural landscapes of his endless bike rides as much as the architectural observations of the city's forgotten spaces and cultural symbols. On a more subliminal level this research reflects a need to visually translate his personal thought processes through an iterative approach, almost like searching for a personal ideographic vocabulary. A rare balance, where very physical and intuitive gestures are mixed with an extremely methodic process of creation, reinterpretation and relentless research.


2018. Alice Gallery, Brussels.

2017. "Trust Fall" Mini Galerie, Amsterdam.

2017. "Almost Legible", Nevven, Göteborg, Sweden.

2016. "Dérive", Alice Gallery, Brussels, Belgium.

2015. "Polygon Window", Galerie Celal, Paris, France.

2015. "Genius Loci", Mini Galerie, Amsterdam.

2014. "Memories of places I have never been", Nina Sagt, Dusseldorf, Germany.

2012. "Implosion", Galerie Immanence, Paris, France.

2012. "Cluster", Mini Gallery Amsterdam

2010. "Me, Myself and Us", Gallery Extrabold, Luxembourg.

2009. "Horror Vacui", Gallery A Part, Grenoble, France.

2007. "Anything for nothing" Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes, London, UK.



2018. "Blind Spot" with Stephen Smith, Delimbo, Sevilla, Spain.

2018. Comic Citrone, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2017. "What in the world"/Juxtapoz at Urban Nation, Berlin, Germany.

2017. "Current Mood"with Stephen Smith, Galerie Celal, Paris, France.

2017. Us By Night Fest, Antwerpen, Belgium.

2016. The Hepworth Wakefield Print Fair with Yuck Printhouse, Wakefield, UK.

2016. "Rondje Ruit" OMI Rotterdam

2016. HOME manchester, UK.

2016. "Friends and family", Delimbo, Sevilla, Spain.

2016. YIA Art Fair with Mini Galerie, Paris, France.

2016. "Soon Forward" with Daniel Ekta Götesson at Le Fix, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2015. " Mapping the city", Somerset House, London, UK.

2015. Artcurial auction Urban Art, Paris France.

2015. SCOPE Art Fair / Mini Galerie with Graphic Surgery and Boris Tellegen, NYC, USA.

2015. "Abstractism - Space>Place", Catanzaro, Italy.

2015. Backjumps 2015, Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien, Berlin, Germany.

2015. "Col.la.ge" at Mini Galerie Amsterdam.

2015. "Selfie" with Husk Mit Navn at Gallery Steinsland Berliner, Stockholm, Sweden.

2015. Amsterdam Drawing / Mini Galerie, Amsterdam.

2015. "Un dessin est beau si la ligne est vivante", Le Piori, Niort, France.

2015. "Zeichen und Wunder", Zeche1, Bochum, Germany.

2015. "Bundeskunsthall of fame", Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn, Germany.

2015. "Choice not chance"/ Yuck Printhouse at Village, Leeds, UK.

2015. "Papierkowa Robota" with Stephen Smith, V9 Warsaw, Poland.

2014. RAW Art fair / Art Rotterdam with Mini | galerie, Rotterdam.

2014. "Croisement" with Graphic Surgery and Tomek, Galerie Celal, Paris, France.

2014. Artmossphere Biennale Moscow, Russia.

2014. "Uncovered"/ADE Amsterdam, Mini Galerie Amsterdam.

2013. RAW Art fair with Mini | galerie, Rotterdam.

2013. "Graffuturism", Open Space, Paris.

2013. "Small Gestures" MU Eindhoven.

2013. "On Paper" Walls Gallery, Amsterdam.

2013. "Synthesis and integration" Gallery Agency, Moscow.

2013. Bien Urbain, Besançon, France.

2012. "See a Sound", BKKC Tilburg.

2012. "Music to my eyes" Ship of Fools Gallery, The Hague.

2012. "Yo, bum rush the show" with Jeroen Jongeleen and Marc Bijl, Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany.

2012. "Easy" Nieuwe Oogst, Rotterdam

2012. "See a Sound" Oz, Amsterdam.

2012. Graphic Design Festival Breda.

2012. Museumnight Casino Luxembourg.

2012. "Hot Docks 02" Namura CCO Osaka, Japan.

2012. Galerie Celal, Paris.

2011. "Power in Numbers", AIGA Chicago, USA.

2011. "Buiten de lijnen 01" De Fabriek, Eindhoven.

2011. "De Stad" at Museum Hilversum.

2011. "Word Perfect 1.0" NoPlace, Oslo, Norway.

2011. "Een Week" together with Raymond Lemstra, GoGallery, Amsterdam.

2011. "ACT / OUT" Onomatopee, Eindhoven.

2011. " NI HOUDOE" / Happy Street together with John Körmeling at Piet Hein Eek, Eindhoven

2011. Dutch Design Week, " Sustainable Kitchen " together with Eric de Haas en Philips Design, Eindhoven

2011. Dutch Design Week, " See A Sound" together with Mister Adam en Boris Tellegen, Grafisch Atelier Daglicht, Eindhoven.

2011. Resident Advisor X, Kemistry Gallery, London, UK.

2010. "Random Order" Alley Gallery, Hasselt, Belgium.

2010. "Trendbeheer Presenteert" at Art Amsterdam.

2010. "Le Mur de l'Art", Paris, France.

2010. "Kapital G: Facing the good" Onomatopee, Eindhoven.

2010. participation project "LetterProeftuin", CBK Rotterdam.

2009. "Trendbeheer presents" / Art Rotterdam.

2009. "D'raw", Glaspaleis Heerlen.

2009. "Genesis", Chapter One Gallery London, UK.

2009. "Bode, Botlek, Erosie" at Ship of Fools Gallery, The Hague.

2008. billboard-project "Le Mur", Paris, France.

2008. presentation"Plakboek Eindhoven" with Erwin Thomasse, Space3 en Freek Lomme / Onomatopee at Yourspace, DDW Eindhoven.

2007. "Nothing more beyond" at "Atelier als Supermedium", The Hague.

2007. "Virus", Hessenhuis, Antwerp, Belgium.

2006. "HIER 02" MU, Eindhoven.

2006. "the Dilly", Iguapop Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.

 2006. installation and discussion at the Van Abbe museum, Eindhoven as part of the project "Academy. Learning from the Museum".

2005. "the ABC, Macht und Kommunikation", Galerie Neurotitan, Berlin, Germany.

2005. "Art Trek IV" Mekanik Strip, Antwerp, Belgium.

2003. "Backjumps, the live issue" at Kunstraum Bethaniën, Berlin, Germany.

2003. "Ill communication" Urbis, Manchester, UK.

2003. Black Block, Palais de Tokyo Paris, France.

2002. Bik van der Pol's "Hortus Ludi" together with Jeroen Jongeleen at Marres, Maastricht.

2002. group-exhibition Dunkers Kulturhaus, Helsingborg, Sweden.

2002. "Influenza/Unicura microjam" with Jeroen Jongeleen at De Appel, Amsterdam.

2002. "RootX" with Jeroen Jongeleen, Hull, UK.