Netherlands, 1976

Jeroen Erosie's practice originates from the fluidity and restless process of graffiti lettering. This discipline - where lines, letters and shapes evolve gradually and almost imperceptibly towards unpredictable results - has been such at the core of his production it leaves a unique mark on all of his practice. His canvases, drawings and collages appear like a paused instant in a restless dynamic, a continuous morphing and superimposition of shapes, lines and textures.


Jeroen Erosie's work reflects a poetic journey of rounded forms and geometric lines, a language that channels the natural landscapes of his endless bike rides as much as the architectural observations of the city's forgotten spaces and cultural symbols. On a more subliminal level this research reflects a need to visually translate his personal thought processes through an iterative approach, almost like searching for a personal ideographic vocabulary. A rare balance, where very physical and intuitive gestures are mixed with an extremely methodic process of creation, reinterpretation and relentless research.


_September 2007 "Anything for nothing" Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes, London, UK.

_March 2009 "Horror Vacui", Gallery A Part, Grenoble, France.

_June 2010 "Me, Myself and Us", Gallery Extrabold, Luxembourg.

_January 2012 "Implosion", Galerie Immanence, Paris, France.

_September 2012 "Cluster", Mini Gallery Amsterdam

_November 2014 "Memories of places I have never been", Nina Sagt, Dusseldorf, Germany.

_March 2015 "Polygon Window", Galerie Celal, Paris, France.

_September 2015 "Genius Loci", Mini Galerie, Amsterdam.

_May 2016 "Dérive", Alice Gallery, Brussels, Belgium.

_January 2017, "Almost Legible", Nevven, Göteborg, Sweden.

_October 2017 "Trust Fall" Mini Galerie, Amsterdam.

_November 2018 Alice Gallery, Brussels.



_February 2002 Bik van der Pol's "Hortus Ludi" together with Jeroen Jongeleen at Marres, Maastricht.

_May 2002 group-exhibition Dunkers Kulturhaus, Helsingborg, Sweden.

_June 2002 "Influenza/Unicura microjam" with Jeroen Jongeleen at De Appel, Amsterdam.

_September 2002 "RootX" with Jeroen Jongeleen, Hull, UK.

_August 2003 "Backjumps, the live issue" at Kunstraum Bethaniën, Berlin, Germany.

_October 2003 "Ill communication" Urbis, Manchester, UK.

_November 2003 Black Block, Palais de Tokyo Paris, France.

_July 2005 "the ABC, Macht und Kommunikation", Galerie Neurotitan, Berlin, Germany.

_November 2005 "Art Trek IV" Mekanik Strip, Antwerp, Belgium.

_January 2006 "HIER 02" MU, Eindhoven.

_May 2006 "the Dilly", Iguapop Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.

_September 2006 installation and discussion at the Van Abbe museum, Eindhoven as part of the project "Academy. Learning from the Museum".

_January 2007 "Nothing more beyond" at "Atelier als Supermedium", The Hague.

_May 2007 "Virus", Hessenhuis, Antwerp, Belgium.

_June 2008 billboard-project "Le Mur", Paris, France.

_October 2008 presentation"Plakboek Eindhoven" with Erwin Thomasse, Space3 en Freek Lomme / Onomatopee at Yourspace, DDW Eindhoven.

_February 2009 "Trendbeheer presents" / Art Rotterdam.

_September 2009 "D'raw", Glaspaleis Heerlen.

_October 2009 "Genesis", Chapter One Gallery London, UK.

_December 2009 "Bode, Botlek, Erosie" at Ship of Fools Gallery, The Hague.

_March 2010 "Random Order" Alley Gallery, Hasselt, Belgium.

_May 2010 "Trendbeheer Presenteert" at Art Amsterdam.

_October 2010 "Le Mur de l'Art", Paris, France.

_October 2010 "Kapital G: Facing the good" Onomatopee, Eindhoven.

_November 2010 participation project "LetterProeftuin", CBK Rotterdam.

_March 2011 "Power in Numbers", AIGA Chicago, USA.

_March 2011 "Buiten de lijnen 01" De Fabriek, Eindhoven.

_April 2011"De Stad" at Museum Hilversum.

_May 2011 "Word Perfect 1.0" NoPlace, Oslo, Norway.

_May 2011 "Een Week" together with Raymond Lemstra, GoGallery, Amsterdam.

_June 2011 "ACT / OUT" Onomatopee, Eindhoven.

_June 2011 " NI HOUDOE" / Happy Street together with John Körmeling at Piet Hein Eek, Eindhoven

_October 2011 Dutch Design Week, " Sustainable Kitchen " together with Eric de Haas en Philips Design, Eindhoven

_October 2011 Dutch Design Week, " See A Sound" together with Mister Adam en Boris Tellegen, Grafisch Atelier Daglicht, Eindhoven.

_October 2011 Resident Advisor X, Kemistry Gallery, London, UK.

_January 2012 "See a Sound", BKKC Tilburg.

_February 2012 "Music to my eyes" Ship of Fools Gallery, The Hague.

_April 2012 "Yo, bum rush the show" with Jeroen Jongeleen and Marc Bijl, Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany.

_June 2012 "Easy" Nieuwe Oogst, Rotterdam

_September 2012 "See a Sound" Oz, Amsterdam.

_September 2012 Graphic Design Festival Breda.

_October 2012 Museumnight Casino Luxembourg.

_November 2012 "Hot Docks 02" Namura CCO Osaka, Japan.

_December 2012 Galerie Celal, Paris.

_February 2013 RAW Art fair with Mini | galerie, Rotterdam.

_April 2013 "Graffuturism", Open Space, Paris.

_May 2013 "Small Gestures" MU Eindhoven.

_June 2013 "On Paper" Walls Gallery, Amsterdam.

_August 2013 "Synthesis and integration" Gallery Agency, Moscow.

_September 2013 Bien Urbain, Besançon, France.

_February 2014 RAW Art fair / Art Rotterdam with Mini | galerie, Rotterdam.

_March 2014 "Croisement" with Graphic Surgery and Tomek, Galerie Celal, Paris, France.

_September 2014 Artmossphere Biennale Moscow, Russia.

_October 2014 "Uncovered"/ADE Amsterdam, Mini Galerie Amsterdam.

_January 2015 " Mapping the city", Somerset House, London, UK.

_February 2015 Artcurial auction Urban Art, Paris France.

_March 2015 SCOPE Art Fair / Mini Galerie with Graphic Surgery and Boris Tellegen, NYC, USA.

_May 2015 "Abstractism - Space>Place", Catanzaro, Italy.

_May 2015 Backjumps 2015, Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien, Berlin, Germany.

_June 2015 "Col.la.ge" at Mini Galerie Amsterdam.

_August 2015 "Selfie" with Husk Mit Navn at Gallery Steinsland Berliner, Stockholm, Sweden.

_September 2015, Amsterdam Drawing / Mini Galerie, Amsterdam.

_October 2015 "Un dessin est beau si la ligne est vivante", Le Piori, Niort, France.

_November 2015 "Zeichen und Wunder", Zeche1, Bochum, Germany.

_November 2015 "Bundeskunsthall of fame", Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn, Germany.

_November 2015 "Choice not chance"/ Yuck Printhouse at Village, Leeds, UK.

_December 2015 "Papierkowa Robota" with Stephen Smith, V9 Warsaw, Poland.

_March 2016 The Hepworth Wakefield Print Fair with Yuck Printhouse, Wakefield, UK.

_April 2016 "Rondje Ruit" OMI Rotterdam

_September 2016 HOME manchester, UK.

_October 2016 "Friends and family", Delimbo, Sevilla, Spain.

_October 2016 YIA Art Fair with Mini Galerie, Paris, France.

_November 2016 "Soon Forward" with Daniel Ekta Götesson at Le Fix, Copenhagen, Denmark.

_May 2017 "What in the world"/Juxtapoz at Urban Nation, Berlin, Germany.

_June 2017"Current Mood"with Stephen Smith, Galerie Celal, Paris, France.

_November 2017 Us By Night Fest, Antwerpen, Belgium.

_April 2018 "Blind Spot" with Stephen Smith, Delimbo, Sevilla, Spain.

_April 2018 Comic Citrone, Copenhagen, Denmark.