Friends and Family Vol II: Pantone, Sixe Paredes, SatOne & Jeroen Erosie | Delimbo Sevilla

20 October 2016 - 15 January 2017
Installation Views

The new exhibition "Friends & Family Vol 2" is one of the activities scheduled for celebrating the tenth anniversary of Delimbo, and it will feature four of the most prominent international urban artists, joined here under the criteria of the curators and directors of the Gallery.

In this exhibition, abstract art is taken as a point of departure, later to join the most avantgarde street art.


Fifteen different pieces will be unveiled, all of them created exclusively for this rendez-vous, including the paintings and collages of Dutch artist Jeroen Erosie and Catalan Sixe Paredes; the pieces that melt sculpture and paintings by Argentinian Felipe Pantone; and the large-format paintings of German Rafael Gerlach, AKA SatOne.