Blind Spot: Jeroen Erosie and Stephen Smith | Delimbo Madrid

17 November 2018 - 20 January 2019
Installation Views

Both Jeroen Erosie and Stephen Smith seem to see painting as a means to an end; They see each painting itself as a sum of attempts and errors, using this process to allow us to have a new insight into the next step to take over and over, welcoming the effect of surprise, and either accept or erase to reach a next step. The iterative process seems similar with the both of them, yet very different in execution, both using the previous works as guidelines, slowly adjusting the direction of the body of work as a whole.


The title reflects the duality in this process, not only is the painting itself a visually liberating act in it's execution, it also reflects a state of mind, a self-contemplation through bold shapes and subtle steps, with this process still visible in the final result, emphasising the process being as valuable as the end result.