Quinones is a self-taught artist who began in the field of restoration, an approach that helped him to understand the know-how of the old masters, learning all the traditional techniques of stone carving developed from ancient Rome to the Renaissance.

An observer and connoisseur of the popular, Quiñones combines his particular sense of humour with the use of precious stones, the most refined technical skill and a profound knowledge of the materials he works with to create trompe l'oeil works that break down the barrier between the everyday object and the work of art.

Ice cream, fairground toys, skateboards, video games, if you grew up in the 80s, Quiñones' universe represents the childhood we had or yearn to have.

Industrial design that shaped the way we relate to each other, now transformed into sculptures made 100% by hand by the artist himself, using only marble and semi-precious stones such as Malachite or Lapis Lazuli.

After having experimented with various styles and techniques of stone sculpture, he has transferred the Florentine precious technique, widespread in the renaissance, called "hard stone", to the work we see today. This technique consists of inlaying semi-precious stones in marble. Immersed in this methodology, he reinterprets stonework in a contemporary way. Everyday elements that resurface from the stone to transmit that irony that the artist remembers from his childhood.


Solo Shows

2022 Añoro. Delimbo Gallery Sevilla, Spain.

2022 Urvanity Art Fair. Madrid - Solo project

2021 Urvanity Art Fair, Madrid - Solo Project

2018 Con la comida no se juega, Galería Maior, Pollença, Mallorca.

2018 Swab Art Fair, Barcelona - Solo Project, Pantocratus Gallery

2017 Con la comida no se juega, Museo de Arte de la Diputación (MAD) de

Antequera, Málaga.

2013 Juan Miguel Quiñones. Mis trabajos, Casa de la Juventud. Área de Cultura

del Ayuntamiento de Estepona, Málaga.


Group Shows

2020 Introducing Arthur Timothy and Juan Miguel Quinones, Ronchini Gallery,

London, UK

2019 DRACULA X DRACULA - Un proyecto de Juan Miguel Quiñones, CAC Málaga.

2019 DRACULA X DRACULA - Un proyecto de Juan Miguel Quiñones Fundación

Valentin de Madariaga, Sevilla.

2019 Cuentos (con la fotógrafa brasileña Flávia Junqueira), Reiners Contemporary Art, Marbella, Málaga.

2015 We Love Pop, Centro Cultural Cortijo de Miraflores, Ayuntamiento de

Marbella, Málaga.


Art Fairs

2022 UVNTY(Madrid)

2021 Art Dallas (Dallas, USA)

2021 Estampa (Madrid)

2021 Urvanity Art Madrid (Solo Show)

2020 Art Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Alemania

2020 Urvanity Art, Madrid

2019 Urvanity Art, Madrid

2019 Art Marbella (Solo Show)

2018 Swab Barcelona Contemporary Art Fair, Barcelona.

2018 Feria Parte, Arte Contemporáneo, São Paulo, Brasil.

2017 Swab Barcelona Contemporary Art Fair, Barcelona.


Collections (Selection)

Colección Pilar Citoler

Colección Solo

RuArts Foundation

FCDP - Fundación Canaria para el desarrollo de la pintura

In addition he´s included in numerous public and private, national and international collections.