Born in Lille, France, 1978. Lives and works inTenerife

Why the arts and crafts were ever separated is a question too vast to discuss here. Yet it is a question which the artist Louis Lambert interrogates - both visually and materially, both publicly and institutionally - throughout his entire practice. Blurring the boundaries between the so-called highbrow and the low, between the vernacular and the venerated, he refuses to stand by the demarcations set by the art world, to ascribe to the either/or. Whether employing the basest of materials (the concrete which is becoming a recurring theme in his work for example), or the humblest of themes (the popular or everyday, the traditional or folkloric),

Lambert always attempts to reposition them, to adjust the framework within which they sit. He employs his three-headed alter-ego (his trois-têtes man) to offer all options and all possibilities. He uses his tripartite perspective to not proclaim but to suggest, to reveal complexity in his always hopeful, mirthful, uninhibited style.


2019 Contrôle Technique, Delimbo, Madrid, Spain

2017 Beach Life, Delimbo, Sevilla, Spain.

2015 Guerra de las materias, Villamanuela Gallery, Madrid.

2014 Haciendome el loco, Celaya Brother Gallery, Mexico.

2011 Du coq à l'âne, Delimbo, Sevilla.

2010 Louis Lambert, UBS, Madrid.

2008 Nature Mortes, Montana Gallery, Sevilla.

2008 Urban portrait, Rialto, Roma.

2005 3ttman, Subaquatica, Madrid.



2015 Mapping The City, Somerset House, Londres.

2014 Artmosphere Biennale, ArtPlay, Moscu.
2012 Las 7 diferencias. Iam Gallery, Madrid

2012 ARCO. El País, Madrid

2010 The Fantastic 4. Pure Evil Gallery, Londres.

2009 Ship of Fools gallery. Denhaag, Holanda.

2008 Long week-end Project, Tate Modern London, UK.

2008 Art is all over para Madrid tentaciones. Madrid.

2007 Exposición colectiva. Luís Adelantado, Valencia.

2007 Cocido Madrileño en Rojo Máquina. Madrid.

2006 Exposición con Remed. Montana Gallery, Sevilla.

2006 Pseudo. colisée, Lambersart.


2016 Milestone, Girona, España.

2016 Walk and Talk, Azores, Portugal.

2016 Le Dédale, Belvès, Francia.

2016 Street Art Caravan, Safi, Marruecos.

2015 La Escocesa, Barcelona, España.

2015 Bien Urbain, Besançon, Francia.

2015 PopUp festival, Fabriano, Italia.

2014 Villa Ocupada, Nantes, Francia.

2014 Mueca Festival, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife.

2014 Un tatuaje en la piel que habito, Sevilla.

2013 Urban form foundation, Lodz, Polonia.

2013 A di città festival, Rosarno, Italia.

2013 StreetKit festival, Moscú.

2013 Living Walls 2013, Atlanta.

2012 Desordes creativas, Ordes Galicia.

2012: Guest Artist I Love Moscow Festival. Moscow, Russia.

2012: Artist invited by the spanish Embassy to paint canvas for Sarajevo's council to

restore the bibliotheka of Vijecnica.

2011: Guest Artist for the Muralissimo´s event , Kiev, Ukraine.

2011: Guest Artist by Greenpeace. Almeria, Spain.

2011: Guest Artist the Six Assault´s Festival, Zaragoza, Spain.

2011: Winner of the category "In situ" the Artaq awards. www.artaq.com

2010: Director and coordinator of Hanoi mosaic project promoted by the Spanish

Embassy in Vietnam.

2009: Performing arts "Piñatas pa´burrir", Mallorca, Spain. Costumer Fonart.

2009: Development of Urban Image Culture event, Valencia; Spain.

2009: Guest Artist for the event Poliniza, Valencia, Spain.

2008: Guest Artist for the event Viva el Vino, Aranda del Duero, Spain.

2008: Guest Artist for the event Urban Culture, Madrid, Spain.

2008: Development of the image of the event for MTV-Vueling and decoration of a

plane for the company Vueling.

2007: Guest Artist for the event Efímera, Madrid, Spain.

2007: Art performing for Cibeles; Madrid, Spain. Costumer Swatch.

2007: Guest Artist for the event Efímera, Madrid, Spain.

2006: Participation in Eutopia06 Festival, Córdoba, Spain.

2005: Guest Artist in the Aravaca project, Madrid, Spain.

2004: Participation in Braderie de l'art as a guest artits, Roubaix.