Contrôle Technique: Louis Lambert | Delimbo Madrid

30 March - 18 May 2019
Installation Views

The French artist returns to Madrid after almost a decade without exhibiting in the capital.

Born in Lille, France in 1978, Louis Lambert is an artist who works with materials as diverse as cement, papier mache, oriental ceramics or clay, placing their work in an area between the fine arts, applied arts and crafts. Thanks to the international recognition of his work, the Frenchman has traveled around the world, working in the public space in places like London, Dakar, Vietnam, Atlanta, Moscow, Sarajevo, Kiev... and living in cities like Madrid or Tenerife, where has recently established his residence as well as the space where the exhibition are inspired.

Naturally, this change from Madrid to live at the island, has also brought a big change in Lambert's method and approach. If in Madrid he painted, as he says, to tell stories or talk about politics, in Tenerife the closeness to nature has made the artist to focus more on the observation of the reality that surrounds him, putting in value the everyday.

About his work, the street art critic, urban art curator and member of the Department of Anthropology at the University College of London, Rafael Schacter, has said that "Louis works displays this looseness and vibrancy precisely, his imagination untethered, his passions liberated. Focused on what has now been his home for over 5 years, the volcanic island of Tenerife, the exhibition is an ode to this paradise isle, to the sea, to the mountains, to the inhabitants of the land he is now permanently intertwined with."

In 2008 he was invited by the Tate Modern to do various street installations within the project Long week-end Project, in 2010 he created a singular mosaic mural with broken tiles, at Hanoi, Vietnam, invited by the Spanish embassy, in 2013 he painted a very large high scale mural in Atlanta, invited by the festival Living Walls.