Friends and Family Vol III: Vhils, Okuda & Hense | Delimbo Madrid

8 February - 21 March 2020
Installation Views

This new edition of Friends & Family is starring by three urban artists whose work is well known around the world. Hense and Okuda are in charge of join and welcomes the Portuguese artist Vhils, who shows his works for the first time at Delimbo Gallery.

Alexandre Farto aka Vhils

Portugal, 1987


His leap to fame took place in 2008 when one of his works appeared next to a work of the street artist Bansky, during The Cans Festival in London.

This Portuguese artist is characterized by his innovative visual language in which he carves, cuts and drills the wall to create his murals. He establish simbolic reflections on identity, life in contemporary urban  societies, as well as the impact of development, the passage of time, and material transformation.

His work is represented in several public and private collections around the world. In this sense, are remarkable his interventions in different contexts, such as in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro or his collaborations with institutions like the Pompidou Center (Paris), the Barbican Center (London) or the Museum of Contemporary Art of San Diego.


Okuda San Miguel

Santander, 1980


His work Kaos Temple (a church / skate-park) was a highlight for the cantabrian artist. From this moment he has been sought out by cultural institutions across the world.

He mixes color and geometry with organic shapes to create an evocative symbology. Okuda´s work can be classified as a Pop Surrealism but maintains the essence of its roots in the streets. Always seeking to inspire viewers, his Works raise universal issues while leaving the final interpretation up to them.

We can find his works in galleries and streets from India to United States.

Okuda´s active participation with social draft projects such as Titans, designed to promote social inclusion through art, and his personal lenguage, made him one of the most acclaimed artists worldwide.


Hense | Alex Brewer

Atlanta, 1978


Alex Brewer, also known as HENSE, began his carrer through graffiti in the 1990's. Since then he has created numerous works in public spaces around the world combining the techniques learned from graffiti and abstract painting.

His color palette and formal language are the result of a contemporary review of postmodern masters, specifically minimalism and expressionism in the mid-twentieth century.

We can find the work of this American artist in prestigious collections from different countries such as the Atalanta High Museum of Art, the Facebook Inc collection, the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art or the Hilton Hotels Collection.