Aléas: Eltono | Delimbo Sevilla

8 October 2015 - 16 January 2016
Installation Views

French artist, Eltono, come back to Seville in his second solo show at the capital.

Eltono's work (Paris, 1975), based on the city, enters the gallery as a bridge between public and private space. An opportunity to connect it with the street and create a relationship that enriches both parties (interior and exterior). With an almost scientific work, in "Aléas" the artist will leave a part of the creative process out of his control, thus ceasing to be the owner of his work and to control its evolution over time, as opposed to studio painting.

After several years working in Beijing, and having held individual exhibitions in institutions such as the Cervantes Institute in Paris, the Artium museum in Vitoria, participating in group exhibitions at Sommerset house or Tate modern in London, and creating more than 50 interventions in public space In the last two years, the artist returns to Seville to carry out what will be his second solo exhibition in the Andalusian capital.