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    Nacho Eterno (Spain, 1992) is a self-taught Spanish painter and ceramic artist based in the Girona countryside.

    A fervent self-taught artist, Nacho Eterno embarked on his journey into the realm of painting and ceramics after earning significant recognition in the fields of street art and tattooing. However, Nacho made a conscious decision to abandon tattooing and mural painting, leaving behind the bustling city of Barcelona to pursue the career path he truly yearned for. He sought to liberate himself from external pressures and investigate his creativity without constraints. This shift in focus demarcated a turning point in his work, ushering in a new artistic phase.

    The art of Nacho Eterno draws from several wellsprings of inspiration. On one side, he sips from the essence of primitive art, architecture and nature, locating in them an endless source of creative stimulation. Conversely, he submerges himself in popular and folk art, uncovering a wealth of symbols and metaphors that he deftly weaves into his works. Moreover, he does not disregard the most contemporary pictorial trends, executing his paintings with a very tactile paint, thereby adding an extra dimension of potential and establishing a unique and pioneering artistic language.

    The world that Nacho Eterno formulates in his work is both fascinating and enigmatic. Within it, unique characters coexist with a distinctive iconography that simultaneously manages to echo on a universal level. This duality presents itself in numerous ways in his compositions, where the figurative and the abstract are intertwined in a captivating visual ballet.

    The atmosphere radiating from Nacho's work is both warm and sombre, innocent yet imbued with mystery. At first glance, the emphasis is on the meticulous drawings and sharp contours, but as you delve further into each of his paintings, you begin to decipher the mystery of his unique colour balance and vibrant brushstrokes. His unpretentious lines interconnect to form ostensibly impossible compositions that challenge the laws of reality, thereby transporting the viewer into an imaginative and captivating world. Nacho is indeed, painting painting-painting.

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