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Delimbo is an art gallery located in Madrid and Seville. We´re focused on Street art, Postgraffiti, Urban Art and Contemporary Art.
Representing artists such as Momo, Felipe Pantone, Remed, Jeroen Erosie, Andy Rementer, Hense, SatOne, Nano4814, Okuda San Miguel, 3ttman, Nuria Mora, Hell’o Collective, Eltono, Zosen and Mina Hamada, Rorro Berjano, Boris Hoppek, Sixe Paredes and Suso33.

Delimbo es una galería de arte con sede en Madrid y Sevilla. Nuestra galería está especializada en arte urbano, contemporáneo y Street art.
Representamos a los grandes nombres de este mundo, como son Momo, Felipe Pantone, Remed, Jeroen Erosie, SatOne, Andy Rementer, Hense, Nano4814, Okuda San Miguel, 3ttman, Nuria Mora, Hell’o Collective, Eltono, Zosen and Mina Hamada, Rorro Berjano, Boris Hoppek, Sixe Paredes ó Suso33.

“Una Mina de Color” by Zosen and Mina

Zosen and Mina brought some colour and good vibes to La Mina, considered one of the most conflictive neighborhoods of Barcelona.

Being Hamada’s namesake and Zosen growing up in Barcelona, it was a matter of time that the couple painted some piece there. The artists wanted to give colour to the streets and visibility to the community.

In the Summer of 2018, Zosen and Mina began to do workshops with young people of different nationalities and cultures. As usual, they wanted to create a participative mural with shared ideas that represented the place and its people.

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Suso33 and Okuda take part at the 13th edition of La Bienal at La Habana

La Bienal turns the streets of La Habana into a museum. The works of more than 300 artists from 52 countries cover the streets, parks and walls of the city with every edition.

This year, SUSO33 has taken part in “Behind the Wall” project. The Spanish artist only needed black paint and a fumigator to cover the huge walls of Malecón promenade with even more “huge” faces. The faces express different feelings and emotions (mock, fun, sadness…) and evoque the power of people. According to SUSO33, “it is the individuals that create cities, and I want to make people bigger than buildings.”

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Titanes: ten Spanish silos become the world’s largest open air urban art museum

Top artists, massive walls and huge values have turned Ciudad Real into a huge museum. Titanes is a project to promote social inclusion through art by creating a public art museum of international urban artists on silos in the province of Ciudad Real.

The titanic project has converted the plains of La Mancha into an unmissable destination for art lovers. Fourteen of the biggest names on the contemporary art scene have painted ten disused silos. Bicicleta Sem Freio, Daniel Muñoz, Demsky J., Equipo Plástico (Nuria Mora, Nano4814, Sixe y Eltono), Hell’O, Okuda San Miguel, Smithe y Spok Brillor worked with 450 disabled people to make this possible.

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“Dream Box” brings Hell’O and Pantone toguether

We are totally amazed at ‘Dream Box’, the newest exhibition at Brussels contemporary art museum MIMA. The show is a colorful dreamland that offers a new exploration of intuitive thought through four amazing installations.

Once you come into the museum, one gets totally immersed into a new concept of art led by special effects and optical illusions. The map of “Dream Box” surronds the spectator with the tricks and traps of optical illusions and visual trickery. By that, the notions of reality and imagination create another differnet space that challenges everyone to think and explore the boundaries of their senses and the power of their imagination.

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