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Delimbo is an art gallery located in Madrid and Seville. We´re focused on Street art, Postgraffiti, Urban Art and Contemporary Art.
Representing artists such as Momo, Felipe Pantone, Remed, Jeroen Erosie, Andy Rementer, Hense, SatOne, Nano4814, Okuda San Miguel, 3ttman, Nuria Mora, Hell’o Collective, Eltono, Zosen and Mina Hamada, Rorro Berjano, Boris Hoppek, Sixe Paredes and Suso33.

Delimbo es una galería de arte con sede en Madrid y Sevilla. Nuestra galería está especializada en arte urbano, contemporáneo y Street art.
Representamos a los grandes nombres de este mundo, como son Momo, Felipe Pantone, Remed, Jeroen Erosie, SatOne, Andy Rementer, Hense, Nano4814, Okuda San Miguel, 3ttman, Nuria Mora, Hell’o Collective, Eltono, Zosen and Mina Hamada, Rorro Berjano, Boris Hoppek, Sixe Paredes ó Suso33.

Configurable Art by Felipe Pantone Pop up!

Ey, ey, ey! Lovers of art and unique things, save the weekend. We are celebrating the first Configurable Art by Felipe Pantone pop-up at Delimbo Madrid.

Configurable™ is as innovative as seductive. It is a modular system designed to create dynamic and unique artworks by interacting with different elements that Pantone himself uses in his artworks. By doing so, the artist invites you to participate in the creative process, allowing an infinite number of unique designs.

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Another cool edition of Streets of Color with Remed and 3TTMAN

3TTMAN and Remed traveled with Streets of Color to Amsterdam, and teamed up again to perform at Affordable Art Fair.

“Un jour au jardin” is the freestyle piece the couple made for Campoviejo. No mascara or tape; just spray and their incredible styles to perform such a cool mural. The collab shows a new display of the intricate shapes and energetic colours that both artists release in their works, and that are easily identifiable with the wine culture, where they took inspiration from.

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Felipe Pantone presents “Distance, Speed, Time Formula”, a solo show in Shanghai

New Year, new projects! Felipe Pantone opens his new solo show at Danysz Gallery (Beigin).”Distance, Speed, Time Formula” installation takes to Shanghai a diverse series of vivid artworks.

Felipe Pantone shows us again and again the fragility of the space and the static. Everything in his works flows, changes and moves. His dynamic creations shroud the spectator in the context, making them aware of the importance and fragility of the present.

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Demsky designs China’s biggest mural

Demsky has bettered himself at Changshá (China) with his biggest mural to date. The Spanish artist knows no bounds: he has made his way through the Chinese market, especially hard due to his unique culture and characteristic internet experience.

“Mango TV” TV channel commissioned Demsky a huge mural for its building. Indeed, it is Chinese biggest mural! Four assistants from Hong Kong HK Walls helped Demsky paint this amazing 1.900 m2 piece. And to add insult to injury, they worked at temperatures above 40ºC, which forced them to work at night using artificial lights.

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