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Delimbo is an art gallery located in Madrid and Seville. We´re focused on Street art, Postgraffiti, Urban Art and Contemporary Art.
Representing artists such as Momo, Felipe Pantone, Remed, Jeroen Erosie, Andy Rementer, Hense, SatOne, Nano4814, Okuda San Miguel, 3ttman, Nuria Mora, Hell’o Collective, Eltono, Zosen and Mina Hamada, Rorro Berjano, Boris Hoppek, Sixe Paredes and Suso33.

Delimbo es una galería de arte con sede en Madrid y Sevilla. Nuestra galería está especializada en arte urbano, contemporáneo y Street art.
Representamos a los grandes nombres de este mundo, como son Momo, Felipe Pantone, Remed, Jeroen Erosie, SatOne, Andy Rementer, Hense, Nano4814, Okuda San Miguel, 3ttman, Nuria Mora, Hell’o Collective, Eltono, Zosen and Mina Hamada, Rorro Berjano, Boris Hoppek, Sixe Paredes ó Suso33.

Thailand presents Pantone’s W3-DIMENSIONAL show

Pantone’s first time ever showing in Thailand is a feast for the eyes! “W3-DIMENSIONAL Park” is a mind-blowing three-dimensional work specifically designed for Bangkok’s Siam Center and features the artist’s signature use of bright hues and futuristic patterns.

The installation’s concept could be no other than nowadays digital influence. Thus, the title of the piece references the three dimensional aspect of the World Wide Web (divs, tables, iframes). The Argentine-Spanish plays with the space to create an optical art that transports viewers into the digital world.


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Okuda, the protagonist at Miami Art Week

We are excited to see Okuda doubling down his showing at Miami Art Week. This is the third year in a row that Ink and Movement goes to the art fair. 2018 though, brings a couple of crazy-cool projects.

There is no other way for San Miguel and his team to finish a year of hard work and amazing projects (Valencian Fallas, Boston…) than being the protagonist of Scope Miami Beach.

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Hense paints High School Liceo E. Fermi’s courtyard.

Hense just loves going big! The urban artist went to Ragusa (Sicily) to work on a very special project. This time, the work he did was a 45×147 feet floor at the High School Liceo E. Fermi!!

So there are not limits for Alex Brewer, who has painted an asphalt for the first time in his career. In the process of incorporating his work into different spaces, one of the most challenging parts of making this painting was thinking ahead so they wouldn’t destroy previously painted areas by walking on it.

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Axel Void at MIAU Festival (Fanzara)

Here’s Axel Void’s work at Fanzara (Spain)! MIAU (Unfinished Museum of Urban Art) Festival has made a small village of 300 habitants into an amazing open-air exhibition of art that changes every year.

The project started as a local initiative to reunite the towns people after an internal dispute on the development of a landfill fractured the community. The Art was a way to bridge the gap. 

Thus, Axel’s piece is based on a photo from Ricardo Cases. It explores human relationships, making a connection between traditional practice and the nature of cohabitation itself. 

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